⚡️Crohn’s disease?⚡️

This is Elvire’s story in her own words. 

“During one of the hardest time of my life, I found fresh blood in my stool (yes, talking 💩 on the Shadow Side of Pain!). I had numerous exams, was sent to three different doctors and all confirmed the first diagnosis: it was a bout of Crohn’s disease, without real symptoms nor evolution. A disease I never had before.

ℹ️ Crohn’s disease is a chronic auto-immune disease in which the defence system of the body attacks its own guts. It is an awful disease, full of pain and surgery.

At that time, I had just been through one of the worst self-hate episode of my life. Depression was so high I couldn’t function correctly and the hate was *eating me from inside*. I *hated my guts* every breathing second because I sincerely thought I was a monster that deserved punishment.

I’m pretty sure my body reacted to that and created a false Crohn’s disease.

Disclaimer: of course I’m not saying every Crohn’s disease is due to self-hate. I’m not a doctor! but my so-called Crohn’s was probably a psychosomatic episode. And it never happened again.”

Sending love to all the IBD sufferers.” ❤️