⚡️Crohn’s disease?⚡️

This is Elvire’s story in her own words. 

“During one of the hardest time of my life, I found fresh blood in my stool (yes, talking 💩 on the Shadow Side of Pain!). I had numerous exams, was sent to three different doctors and all confirmed the first diagnosis: it was a bout of Crohn’s disease, without real symptoms nor evolution. A disease I never had before.

ℹ️ Crohn’s disease is a chronic auto-immune disease in which the defence system of the body attacks its own guts. It is an awful disease, full of pain and surgery.

At that time, I had just been through one of the worst self-hate episode of my life. Depression was so high I couldn’t function correctly and the hate was *eating me from inside*. I *hated my guts* every breathing second because I sincerely thought I was a monster that deserved punishment.

I’m pretty sure my body reacted to that and created a false Crohn’s disease.

Disclaimer: of course I’m not saying every Crohn’s disease is due to self-hate. I’m not a doctor! but my so-called Crohn’s was probably a psychosomatic episode. And it never happened again.”

Sending love to all the IBD sufferers.” ❤️

⚡️Neck pain⚡️


My mother used to experience neck pain and every now and then I do too. One day I woke up and the pain was so sharp that I could not look up. The pain forced my posture to remain in a chronic position of bowing. 🙇‍♀️

I had just been through a humiliating episode in which I had reluctantly shut up and bent my values for others because I was scared to cause a stir. Pleasing people to avoid conflict seems to work on the spot but it’s a slow death for the soul. We obliterate our sense of self when we sacrifice. Also the conflict doesn’t even go away! It would be too easy! No, the conflict is transferred within because our actions are no longer in line with our values/our boundaries/our needs/our gut instinct… what makes us who we are.

In my neck I was feeling :

😡 Anger! Against myself of course, for betraying my values

😖 Shame! for being weak, for not speaking up … and also….

😨 Fear! Fear for what might happen if I stand up for myself like I know I should ☠️.

What I’ve learnt from neck pain is that I can’t see the sky when I bow.

Fear and pain dissipate if I try, little by little to:

  • set a boundary
  • say no
  • stand up for myself …

Rise. 🌟

⚡️RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury ⚡️


People who suffer from RSI usually work on assembly lines, in repetitive manual jobs or clicking on a computer all day. Not me 😬!

True story, I got RSI from using Tinder! 🤦‍♀️ Obviously, I can’t make that up!

At the time someone I was in love with had left me and I wanted an IMMEDIATE “replacement”. I was swiping like mad on the dating app hoping that my romantic life would quickly take off towards a new destination, leaving all my excess emotional baggage on ground.

What I learnt from RSI is that I can’t go very far without luggage. There is too much of me in it.

Like any ordinary human being, I researched possible treatment for my condition online, and by chance I stumbled upon a book by Pr John E. Sarno that includes RSI in the psychosomatic category. 😳 Could my physical pain be caused by psychological factors??

After freaking out a bit I realised that my symptoms were indeed inconsistent. They would only appear when I was using my phone to meet someone else, and not at work for instance, or when flicking through a magazine even though the movements were the same as my Tinder swipes.

Thinking about the psychology of my pain, and after connecting with my emotions, I realised that my wrist would hurt only when I was doing something that dragged me away from an incomplete grief. Facing grief is tough because it’s a point of no return, it’s the acceptance of an end, it means cutting ties with the past.

Looking back at my pain I believe that my body reminded me through tension in my wrist that I needed time to grieve, that I needed to drop my phone, drop the distractions and heal, properly. With the tears that only broken hearts can shed. 😭

I did cry (a lot!) and my symptoms disappeared on the spot, and never came back!

If you’re in pain, please always consult a doctor 👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️.

To go further 📚:

In his book The Mind/Body Prescription by Dr John E. Sarno talks about the mindbody syndromes (or tension myositis syndrome – TMS). According to Dr Sarno (I’m quoting the back of the book) :  “Most neck and back pain,  migraine, repetitive stress injuries, whiplash, and tendonitises – are rooted in repressed emotions. ” You’ll also find information about Dr Sarno’s theory in the handout found in the Mind Body section of the Harvard RSI action group.