📌I am a certified coach and my own experience with stress-induced conditions (TMS/PPD) led me to specialise in the Mind-Body connection.

📌I am SIRPA trained and I practice Process-oriented coaching. Processwork fits in nicely with this line of work because it’s one of the first psychologies to consider body symptoms as a potential channel of expression of our subconscious. In a session, we will work on the underlying causes of your symptoms to help you achieve congruence with your true self. Being and acting in line with your true self will lead to freedom from pain.

📌You will benefit from my coaching services if you strongly believe that your symptoms are caused by stress, unresolved emotions or traumas and if you are familiar with the the concept of TMS / Stress-induced illnesses / Psychophysiologic Disorders (PPD) but somewhat feel stuck or lost on your journey.

⚠️The number #1 rule is to always consult with a doctor beforehand to rule out any serious disease or illness. 

Coaching is solution-focused and goal-oriented.
In a session, I will ask powerful and creative questions that will tap into your intuition to release your inner wisdom.

Depending on your situation, you may use coaching to: 

Calm your nervous system and and let go of the fears that foster pain.

🤔 THINK differently. 
We can work on your mindset and on helpful thoughts to break the cycle of anxiety.

Coaching is a journey of self discovery, the process can help you discover your inner strengths but also unveil the less socially acceptable part of yourself, which may cause pain if unexpressed.

💪ACT with authenticity by taking action in line with your true self. 

❤️ CONNECT with your body, trust your body and embrace its wisdom.

💫REALISE your potential.
TMS is sometimes caused by the frustration of not living a fulfilling life. It’s exactly what coaching is about!

📝A coach is neither a mentor, nor a counsellor (and certainly not a doctor !). A coach will not give you advice, or tell you what to do. A coach trusts that you are the expert in your life and will partner with you to help you achieve your goals in your own terms.

💃🕺It’s a very empowering process ! You’ll see !

If interested, please drop me a message on my CONTACT page.